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Cordless Sponge Cutter Saw

This is a professional foam cutter which is fit for most of the cushion shapes.
  • KD-10
  • Canty



· This is a professional foam cutter which is fit for most of the cushion shapes.

· Cordless design,you can cut Foam rubber material anywhere.

· Without the limit of power cord and power supply,more safety.

· 8” cutting height.

· Variable speed control foam cutting blades(not heat).

· Cut shapes turns with ease.Easily cut out “T” or “L” shaped cusions.

· Dual doam rubber cutter blades with one moving assures smooth,accurate cutting.

· Detachable base with glide rollers.

Technical Data: 

KD-10Cordless Version 
WeightWithout Battery):1932g
Saw Blade Height200mm
RMP0 - 3,200
Variable Speed

2.0 Li-ion Battery
Power Supply18V DC Capacity2.0Ah Li-ion Battery
Weight390g    Charging Time60mins
4.0 Li-ion Battery
Power Supply18V DC  Canpacity4.0Ah Li-ion Battery
Weight690g  Charging Time130mins
Input Voltage230V-50Hz
Output Power21V DC 2.4A

Basic Kit

Foam Rubber Saw*1

2.0 Li-ion Battery*1


Aluminium&Wood Case Packing

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