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KD-03A Brushless Electric Foam Rubber Cutter Saw for Foam Polyfoam Rubber

This foam rubber saw is simple multi purpose foam rubber cutter that can cut most foams up to 12 inches thick. They have 2 blades,Twin counter-reciprocating blade acting .
  • KD-03A
  • Canty
  • 230V/50Hz 



●Brushless motor keeps the tool works more strong and longer working time.                     

●Powerful enough for every day use.

●Stronger Guider Column is very helpful for fast cutting.

●Fast, production cutting of all densities of foam rubber and flexible plastic foams.

●Twin counter-reciprocating blade action ensures precise cutting, plus low vibration   and noise.

●The tool-free blade change system provides fast and easy blade changes in just a few seconds.

●The aluminum footplate with Glide Rollers allows the tool assembly to effortlessly roll on the work surface to ensure cut accuracy and to keep the blade guide from dragging and scratching your surface.

Technical Data: 

Product Model  KD-03A
Input Voltage 230 V/50 Hz
Output Power 350 W
Net Weight 2.0 kg
Power Cord Length 3.0 m
Blades 3"/5"/8"/12"
Motor Brushless
RPM 3800

Basic Kit

1. KD-03A Main Body*1

2. Spanner*1

3. 8" Blades*2

4. 8" Guider*1

5. Aluminum Footplate*1

6. High Quality Plastic Box*1


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