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KD-04 18 V Cordless Rivetnuts Tool

  • KD-04
  • Canty
  • 230V/50Hz  110V/60Hz 



  1. High-performance Li-ion battery;

  2. Fast-self locking madrel, easy to install;

  3. Light weight without battery, only 1.5 kg;

  4. Brushless motor, longer druation;

  5. Inteligent memory mode, automatic nailing and more convenient to use;

  6. Six speeds available and suitable for M3-M12 rivet nuts.

Technial Data:

Model KD-04
Battery 18 V/ 2.0 Ah
Mandrel M3-M12
Weight without Battery 1.5 kg
Mode H: Manual S: Set up A: Auto 
Adjustable Speed 6 Speed
Charging Time 90 mins
Charger Input 100-240 V AC/ 50-60 Hz

Basic Kit:

1* KD-04 Handle

1* 18 V/ 2.0 Ah Battery

1* Charger

1* Optional Mandrels (M3-M12)

1* Lubricating Oil

1* Tool Box

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