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KD-5310 Dual Discs Sander

This dual disc sander islight weight. Sanding heat insulation panels (surface grinding of rock wool-, polystyrene-, mineral boards etc.)
  • KD-5310
  • Canty
  • 230V/50Hz  110V/60Hz 




1.  Rubbing up sanded final coat

2.  Sanding heat insulation panels (surface grinding of rock wool-, polystyrene-, mineral boards etc.)

3.  Cleaning concrete boarding

4.  Cleaning and grinding off facade paints

5.  Removing glue residue

6.  Cleaning and polishing external finishes (metal, granite, clinker)



  1. Light weight due to separation of tool and motor;

  2. Balanced and ergonomic design – easy to use, comfortable sanding, numerous grip positions

  3. Exhaust connection, suction hood and restart protection ;

  4. Smooth operation thanks to contra-rotating tool discs;

  5. Electronic constant speed function can realize smooth operation and under high load maintain high speed;

  6. Powerful motor for rapid heat extraction and long work ;

  7. Evenness thanks to large operating surface(2xØ200 mm);

  8. Ample accessories for a wide range of applications;

  9. Continuous speed control to optimise each different application;

  10. Compatible with backpack vacuum cleaner for freedom of movementMotor's plug can be plugged in vacuum cleaner. ;



Technical Data:

Model KD-5310
Power Consumption 1300 W
Supply Voltage 230 V/ 50Hz; 110 V/ 60 Hz
Tool r.p.m. 150-570 r/ min
Accessory Ø 200 mm
Weight of Hand-held Parts Approx.2.4 kg
Weight of Motor 2.0 kg
T.G.W/ N.W 13 kg/ 5.6 kg

Basic Kit:

Dual Disc Sander*1

Emery Grain K16*4

High Quality Plastic Box*1




              Sanding Discs


          Abrasive Sanding Pads


            Aggressive Grinding

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


Combanation with Dual Disc Sander and Cordless Brushless Sander




  1. Flexible dust debris collection hose

  2. Freedom of movement

  3. Light weight

  4. Re-usable zippered nylon filter bags

  5. Disposable one-time use paper bags

  6. Also available: cordless version

  7. Powerful rechargeable lithium battery

  8. 2 lithium batteries provides twice battery life


Technical Data:

Electric Version

Cordless Version




Power Consumption

1100 W

350 W

Max. Air Flow

28 l/s

28 l/s


14 L

14 L


64x41x21.5 cm

64x41x21.5 cm

Max. Vacuum

200 mbar

38 mbar


6.8 kg

8.8 kg

Basic Kit:

18 V 5.0 Ah Battery Pack*2

21 V/ 8 Ah Charger*1

Paper Filter Bags*1

Fabric Filter Bags*1


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