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MINOVA 48'' EPS Foam Rasp KD-5320B

Desined for rasping EIFS /EPS Foam panels ; 
Tungsten carbide grits #12 – Last 100x longer than traditional rasp paper; 
  • KD-5320B



High material removal rate:Tungsten Carbide hand rasps are highly efficently at removing material from a wide range  of surface . Due to their hard and durable composition , they can remove EPS Foam surface  quickly and easily . 

Long service life and cost Effective: Tungsten carbide grits – Lasts 100x longer than traditional rasp paper;

Rounded Corner design to prevent gouging; 

Ergonomic plastic handle for easy and comfortable grip ;



Rasp Tool for Rasping and Smoothing EPS Boards;

Apply to construction sites where use EPS boards as part of EWI (External Wall Insulation Systems) / EIFS  (Exterior Insulation Finishing System).

Product Detail

Product details 3

Plastic handle hold comfortably and Knob grab and move on the surface easily 


Techinical Data

Technical Data
Brand  MINOVA 
Material Tungsten Carbide Gifts & Steel Plate & Plastic Handle
Product Dimension 1220mm*355mm ≈48"W*14"L


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