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Power Tools

You get faster speed, flexibility and better control for more efficient manufacturing.
Power Tools

We have a brilliant record in responding to complex customer requirements in everything.
Power Tools

Ensuring industrial building availability and operational safety

Power Tools

Our products are also suitable for display racks, furniture, restaurant equipment, and other applications.
MINOVA KD-02H Handheld Electric Cordless Battery Rivets Gun
Minova Cordless Blind Rivet Tool KD-02X+
KD-04X 18 V Cordless Rivetnut Tool
MINOVA Brushless Cordless KD-02X+ Rivet Tool Kit With Battery Adaptor
MINOVA Electric Cordless Brushless KD-04X Rivet Nut Tool Kit With Battery Adaptor
Cordless Dual Disc Sander KD-5320 Brushless Motor Design
Dual Disc Sander KD-5310
KD-5340 Cordless Brushless Plaster Processing Machine with Sponge Float
Plaster Processing Machine KD-5330 Blue Sponge Float
MINOVA EPS Vacuum Hand Rasp KD-5300
KD-03W Cordless Insulating Saw for Mineral Wool/Rock Wool Material
14.4V Garden Tools Tree Cutting Saw Cordless Garden Saw Branch Saw
KD-03D Cordless Foam Rubber Cutter Brushless foam saw
20V Cordless Mini Circular Saw
Wallpaper Pasting Machine KD-5460
Wallpaper Pasting Machine Gluing Machine KD-5485
Wallpaper Gluing Machine KD-5485&Mobile Stand KD-5485S
Pasting Machine KD-5460&Folding Table KD-5485T
Pasting Machine KD-5485&Folding Table KD-5485T
SP-02L 40 V Cordless Brushless Electric Earth Auger
SP-02 40 V Cordless Brushless Electric Ice Fishing Auger
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  • [Company News] Cordless Reciprocating Saw
    Cordless Reciprocating Saw here is powered by Li-ion battery, it is very convenient to use. Normal reciprocating saw are powered by gasoline engine, gasoline one is too heavy and has noise, also the gasoline engine saw burn gasoline and make air pollution. Another item is cable one, it is limited by Read More
  • [Company News] Electric Riveter
    Electric riveter is used for all kinds of metal sheet, pipe and other manufacturing industry, fastening riveting, is currently widely used in the automotive, aviation, railway, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decoration and other mechanical and electrical products on the Read More
  • [Company News] How to cut Sofa Foam Rubber material
    How to cut the foam rubber material?In the past most people will choose the simple utility knife to make the repeated swipes.The work is really time-consuming, messy and inaccurate,especially for doing the curves.The cutting process is too painful.Fortunately Foam Rubber Saw has been developed and s Read More

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