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Dual Disc Sander KD-5310

  • KD-5310


Grinding, Smoothing, Cleaning, Polishing-all With One Machine


◆Rubbing up sanded final coat

◆Sanding heat insulation panels (surface grinding of rock wool-, polystyrene-, mineral boards etc.)

◆Cleaning concrete boarding

◆Cleaning and grinding off facade paints

◆Removing glue residue

◆Cleaning and polishing external finishes (metal, granite, clinker)



◆Rubbing up sanded final coat;

◆Sanding heat insulation panels (surface grinding of rock wool-, polystyrene-, mineral boards etc.);

◆Cleaning concrete boarding;

◆Cleaning and grinding off facade paints;

◆Removing glue residue;

◆Cleaning and polishing external finishes (metal, granite, clinker);

◆Light weight due to separation of tool and motor;

◆Balanced and ergonomic design – easy to use, comfortable sanding, numerous grip positions;

◆Exhaust connection, suction hood and restart protection ;

◆Smooth operation thanks to contra-rotating tool discs;

◆Electronic constant speed function can realize smooth operation and under high load maintain high speed;

◆Powerful motor for rapid heat extraction and long work ;

◆Evenness thanks to large operating surface(2xØ200 mm);

◆Ample accessories for a wide range of applications;

◆Continuous speed control to optimise each different application;

◆Compatible with backpack vacuum cleaner for freedom of movement(Motor’s plug can be plugged in vacuum cleaner. );

Technial Data:

Model: KD-5310
Power Consumption: 1300 W(European)/ 1400 W(USA)
Supply Voltage: 230 V/ 50 Hz; 110 V/ 60 Hz
Tool r.p.m.: 150-570 r/ min
Accessory Ø: 200 mm
Weight of Hand-held Parts: Approx.2.4 kg
Weight of Motor: 2.0 kg
T.G.W/ N.W:

13 kg/ 5.6 kg



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