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MINOVA KD-5411 & KD-5411S Stainless Wallpaper Pasting Machine & Easy Stand

The pasting machine KD-5411 & Easy Stand KD-5411S are convenient for pasting the wallpaper. The Easy stand can bemovable, and the working height is 84 cm. The stand is easy to disassemble for transportation. Universal wheels with brakes canensure secure and stable base positioning.
  • KD-5411 & KD-5411S






1. High-grade material ensures long working life and reliability

2. Machine, base stand and the cross strut are solidly constructed of stainless steel

3. Equipped with a drain outlet in the paste container and a cleansing slide

4. More sheets can be pasted but less paste due to the improved paste box

5. Double the working speed and make hanging wallpaper cleaner and more efficient

6. Pasting roller is easy to be removed from the equipment

Technical Data
Product Model KD-5411 KD-5411S
Dimensions 122x36x20cm 123x62x86cm
Weight 18.5kgs 7.2kgs
Work Width 110cm \


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