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KD-8501 18 V Cordless Caulking Gun

Caulk Gun is ideal for kitchen and window installers, interior concrete, masonry work, advertising installation, roof leaks and wall seam repair, auto glass technicians and caulking specialists.
  • KD-8501

  • Canty

  • 230V/50Hz  110V/60Hz 


1. Deliver caulk or adhesives smoothly and steadily, even with the highest viscosity materials, with the incredible pushing force of the Cordless 600ml Sausage Style Caulk Gun Kit.

2.  This tool features over 6500 kN. of push force to handle higher viscosity material with ease and can apply more than 150 tubes of caulk per charged ONE+ battery.

3. Providing with a six-level speed setting to enable all common acrylics, silicones, adhesives and epoxy resins to be applied with exceptional control. 


1. High-performance Li-ion battery with power light;

2. One battery can apply more than 150 tubes of caulk;

3. Two kinds of pistons are suitable for adhesive and sausage style caulk;

4. Auto reverse function prevents dripping by fast release of pressure;

5. 360° rotating collar can adjust the direction of the glue;

6. Variable-speed trigger and variable speed dial sets maximum and minimum flow rates;

7. Durable gears help insure tool longevity.

Technical Data:

Product Model: KD-8501

Maximum Thrust: 6.5 kN

Come Out Glue Speed: 0-35 mm/s

No Load Speed: 10000 r/min

Battery Voltage: 18 V

Charging Time: 90 min

Work Time:  Approx. 150 Adhesive

                    Approx. 130 Sausage Style Caulk

Material Range: Adhesive 300-400 ml

                           Sausage Style Caulk 300-600 m

Basic Kit:

KD-8501 Handle

Battery Pack: 18 V/ 2.0 Ah

Soft & Hard Piston



Carton Box


Optional Packing:

High Quality Plastic Box


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