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Electric Riveter

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Electric Riveter

Electric riveter is used for all kinds of metal sheet, pipe and other manufacturing industry, fastening riveting, is currently widely used in the automotive, aviation, railway, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decoration and other mechanical and electrical products on the riveting The In order to solve the metal sheet, thin tube welding nut fusible, attack the internal thread easy to slide teeth and other shortcomings and development, it can be riveting do not need to attack the internal thread, do not need welding nut riveting products, riveting fast and efficient, easy to use.

The purpose of a Electric riveter: If a product of the nut to be installed on the outside, and the space inside the small, can not pressure riveting machine into the pressure riveting and budding and other methods can not meet the strength requirements, when the pressure riveting and up Rivets are not feasible. Must be used for the thickness of the riveting plate, pipe (0.5MM-6MM) fastening areas. The use of pneumatic or manual riveting gun can be riveting a solid, easy to solid; replace the traditional welding nut, make up the metal sheet, thin tube welding fusible, welding nuts and other missing.

Electric riveters according to the different installed rivets can be divided into :

core pulling Electric riveter, riveting nut gun, ring groove Electric riveter.

According to the different power is divided into:

pneumatic Electric riveters, electric Electric riveters, manual Electric riveters, hydraulic Electric riveters.

Electric riveter, its biggest advantage is:

1. Tool weight (including battery pack) is only 1.26KG

2. High-performance lithium battery

3. Pull off the rivets cycle time is short, as long as 1-2 seconds

4. Built-in precision integrated circuit control board.

Applies to: shipbuilding / building decoration / display stand / fixture production / restaurant equipment / sign making / aluminum box production / vending machines and other production

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