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Electric Brushless Rivet Gun Corded Rivet Tool Set KD-02FA Blue Shell Rivet Tool Connected with AC Adaptor

This rivet tool is  professional but economical.  It is suitable for all materials blind rivet including aluminum , steel and stainless steel ect. It has two kinds of  mandrel collectors to keep the  job site clean.  The AC adaptor can be removed and changed battery pack.  
  • KD-02FA



● The first magical rivet tool which use with AC Adaptor ;

● Nosepiece changing is easy;

● Compatible with two mandrels , a small  mandrel collector and a big platstic collector ;

● Suitable for all material including Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel;

● More labor-saving than manual and more convenient than pneumatic;

● Apply to: Boat building / Construction / Display shelves / Furniture / Restaurant equipment / Signs / Trailers, Cargo containers / Vending machines.

Technical Data

Product Model


Full Force  18KN 
Stoke   25mm

Power Input

110V-120V / 60 Hz or 220-240 V AC /50 Hz 

Output  DC21V 

Net Weight

2.12 kg

Packing Size

36/28/9.5 cm

Power Supply

220-240 V AC/ 50 Hz or 120VAC /60Hz

Nozzle Spec. 

KD-02D Rivet Spec

Available Rivets 

available rivets-222

Basic Kit

1*KD-02FA Rivet Handle 

4* Nosepiece 2.4 mm (3/32") 3.2 mm (1/8"), 4.0 mm (5/32"),5.0 mm (3/16");

1* Special Wrench ; 

1* One Big Mandrel Collector and One Small Mandrel Collector ;

1* High Quality Tool Box ;

1*AC Adaptor

Recommended Accessory




 Anti-off Nozzle      

 1)A useful and handy tool for rivet gun;

 2)Prevent rivets from falling off during riveting effectively;

 3)Eliminate the invalid and repeated action of picking up falling rivets;     

 4)Save time & improve work efficiency.

AC Adaptor

If you use the riveter indoors and you can find the power supply easily . You can remove the battery and insert the AC adaptor to use the tool . 

The AC Adaptor makes it possible to exchange the AC and DC Working style .                               

Electric Rivet Tool KD-02FA12Electric Rivet Tool KD-02FA13


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