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Wallpaper Pasting Machine Introduction

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Wallpaper Pasting Machine Introduction

MINOVA Wallpaper Pasting Machine adopts visual scale to adjust the glue thickness of the wallpaper,which is more convenient and intuitive. And the marking of glue thickness is stainless steel laser marking.

Visual Scale

Anti-lost wallpaper pole design can ensure that the wallpaper will not fall into the glue tank when cutting the wallpaper.

Anti-lost wallpaper pole design

Sliding Cutter and Wallpaper knife have protective covers. The knife is very sharp and easy to accidentally injure. The blade for Sliding Cutter and Wallpaper knife is generic.Sliding Cutter and Wallpaper knife have pressure roller design. This design can press the wallpaper when the knife cuts the wallpaper, even fast cutting will not tear the wallpaper.

pressure roller design

There is a steel wire rope rubber plug + glue discharge hole at the bottom of the machine. You can easily recycle unused glue without sticking your hands.

Large-capacity design, more glue can be glued at one time.

There is a kind of self-adhesive wallpaper,which has its own glue.But this kind of glue must be soaked in water to become sticky. It can be used by injecting water into our machine.The wallpaper support part adopts a telescopic and adjustable structure to ensure the largest glue capacity of the whole machine and at the same time, the size of the whole machine is as small as possible.


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